Department from opportunities about Armenian antique relatives

Department from opportunities about Armenian antique relatives

In advance of i start these are the conventional Armenian patriarchal nearest and dearest, let us observe how brand new Armenian traditional relatives is actually. Hayk Nahapet are the latest ancestor of your Armenians. He is a collaborative image of the new patriarch of one’s Armenian friends. He was in the middle of his sons, girl and sons off their sons. Hayk had a separate fascination with their forefathers and you will managed the brand new thinking sent by her or him. Their lineage went on for the a one-man-one-woman foundation, and the intergenerational bond is quite strong.

During the a great patriarchal members of the family second generations then followed the fresh guidelines created of the their forefathers, which therefore needed to ticket him or her on to the descendants.

The standard patriarchal household members contained regarding the 4-5 years. They provided multiple generations off sons of the identical father that have its wives, living beneath the same rooftop.

Members of the family patriarch

The head of your own family unit members or perhaps the patriarch is brand new earliest man on family relations. He managed not only the property of your own friends, but in addition the fate away from family. The fresh patriarch had unlimited rights.

All of the friends have been in charge on patriarch due to their methods; although not, brand new patriarch was not responsible so you can somebody. To eliminate friends dilemmas, the fresh patriarch consulted with other elderly guys. During meals, new patriarch constantly sat at head of dining table; not one person had the directly to to use the fresh desk in place of the fresh new patriarch.

When there were conflicts throughout the patriarchal members of the family, new patriarch would gather the fresh people of one’s family members and already been so you’re able to completion, that in case some one would like to hop out, they should hop out. not, those who age community.

When the patriarch passed away, their obligations and you may liberties were moved to the latest oldest child, which became the patriarch of family unit members.

On patriarchal family relations, the job are split up because of the sex and you may years. During this period, this new wife of patriarch kept the newest collected money and you will assets of the home. She in addition to kept brand new keys to brand new basements of the property.

All man on the friends met with the jobs entrusted so you’re able to your. Farming and you can animals farming was basically the brand new duties of men of your household. As well as the requirements of women integrated cleaning, operating, sorting and you may sites from agricultural garbage.

The patriarch’s girlfriend split up the latest cleaning between her girl-in-laws. Elder girl-in-law baked dough and you may wishing dining. Although not, individuals needed to understand how to spin and tailor. The kids plus had their particular requirements you to definitely prepared them to possess after lifetime.

Eating food when you look at the good patriarchal family members are a complete ritual. Very first, new guys sat at dining table, and then girls and children.

Lady on the patriarchal family members

The following person in the family following patriarch is actually his wife, which assisted your and you may supported their expert. One duty away from a partner was to support the flame of the house consuming. The new death of a partner was have a tendency to compared to a keen extinguished flames from the hearth.

Considering Khrimian Hayrik, the coziness of the property depended with the woman, and regularly the fresh new rules out-of house and you can partner was indeed known.

A portion of the character of your girlfriend is actually motherhood and you may increasing children. This new expectant mother and you will mother am things of worship. It actually was the responsibility of one’s patriarch’s wife to coach the brand new daughters-in-law and grandchildren the newest lifestyle and you can reputation for their family, together with national people, traditions and you may living. Along these lines, new wife in the nearest and dearest and additionally tily players ethnic term . Even though the fuel of patriarch’s partner expanded mostly in order to ladies and kids, the nearest and dearest known the girl. She are brand new patriarch’s adviser and guardian away from peace from inside the the house.

During the olden days, Armenian queens and princesses encountered the right to render orders, capture otherwise release prisoners, organize feasts and you may attend royal conferences without any expertise in its husbands.


Loved ones felt like marriage ceremonies ranging from young people, and incredibly tend to ilies. A couple group perform want to wed their children for some explanations: it had been easier, some body is rich, and you will someone had good dowry. That frequently young adults found just on the big day. The mother of one’s kid additionally the earliest lady of one’s family members went along to meet up with the woman and her relatives. If your girl’s parents accessible to the new ined. They often looked if your lady know how to bond a great needle. In this way, they looked new women’s plans. And test the newest hearing, it questioned things in an exceedingly low sound.

Once they liked the girl, the mother of your own son perform kiss the latest women’s cheek and you may put a gold money in her own hand. Whenever they did not eg this lady, it kept our home instead of trying to people food.

It actually was and well-known to engage college students because they had been born. Mom and dad of your own guy manage hop out a mark on the latest cradle of one’s newborn woman. This was a sign one later on the woman manage wed their son. Eg involvements took place to expose friendly connections anywhere between household.

not, marriages between villagers and you will city dwellers were not recommended. A female out of a community could only marry around when the she try most beautiful otherwise steeped.

Nearest and dearest forest

Getting 2nd years, the household tree offered since the an evidence of the annals out-of their loved ones. Only the male members of the family were mentioned about family members tree. Given that men pupils went on brand new twigs of the family members tree. Ladies was basically noticed agencies of another home.

It actually was the brand new people’s purpose and obligation to add the fresh new twigs in order to their members of the family tree. With respect to the people of Sassoun, the newest man are good thorn in the sight of opposition, additionally the girl are believed the brand new fruit of one’s external tree.

These types of patriarchal group live until the 1930s. Some traces of such families lasted inside the Armenian villages, however the growth of new economy, new development out-of an economic device, emigration contributed to the newest disappearance off patriarchal family members.