In this section visit Moonflow right after which lead correct regarding the place you belongings

In this section visit Moonflow right after which lead correct regarding the place you belongings

Alright, this is exactly one particular unique places that you can’t possibly do everything simultaneously, therefore anyway you will have to come back to this one through your The fresh new Game+ set you back finish the most other mission. You will notice a squat little man named Tolbi near the part. Keep in touch with your and he’ll require your own help to companion one of his boys back to the latest Moonflow with a few most valuable baggage. Immediately following acknowledging the brand new purpose, direct southern for the crossroads ranging from Moonflow, Mushroom Rock and you will Djose Forehead.

At some point you can easily meet up with Tolbi’s service provider. The fresh mission will start today. Basically what you need to carry out try protect the fresh cargo from incoming bandits. These guys are pretty very easy to hook, you must make sure you are taking down each of him or her if you need the best effects. Each bandit have a tendency to battle you once you get in touch, but they are most of the simple to undertake. Since freight has reached Tolbi, he’ll give you their thanks a lot and you may hand your a Circlet and the fresh new Firearm Mage Dressphere. Goal done!

Djose Temple

Once you enter into this place, possible observe a lengthy roster entering a great tent. You will then see this particular lineup is for volunteers to aid excavate Bikanel Desert. You’ll have to hold off lined up here, thus keep in touch with someone due to the fact lineup shortens. After it’s your turn, enter the tent immediately after which talk to the man in the front side and you can voluntary the services you provide. He’ll allow you to go into the temple.

Immediately following conference Gippal, talk to him immediately after which he will leave the new forehead and you can lead down to brand new crossroads. Go keep in touch with him again after which choose the basic alternative. He’s going to make you a page which you can use within Bikanel Wilderness.


Little to complete here right now. You cannot go into the mansion that once belonged to help you Seymour Guado as Leblanc Syndicate took it more than. Are addressing the brand new Farplane and you might be also denied access.

Thunder Plains

That is several other location for which you won’t need to carry out far (even when it will probably getting a significant lay after throughout the games). Simply walk-in, obtain the cutscene to add to their facts conclusion get, and walking straight out.

Macalania Tree

Here you can aquire the first Unique Dressphere regarding the video game, Paine’s Full Throttle. To ascertain utilizing it, browse the Garment Grid list based in the Axioms element of this guide. To have it, go to see Tromell Guado, who’ll be found somewhere in the latest forest. He is simple to find in the event. Their hiding location is merely just before Macalania Lake, in which you might have found the original Jecht Fields (otherwise battled Spherimorph) when you look at the Latest Fantasy X. When you have perhaps not played you to video game, only proceed with the amazingly pathway from where you come. When you get out-of you to definitely street, lead north and it’ll be the basic right-turn your see, just before the fresh new Traveling Agencies.

These are the fresh new Travelling Agencies, go there once you have acquired Paine’s Complete Throttle Dressphere. There is certainly a bunch of Al Bhed goons creating difficulties to own O’aka, who you also can consider away from FFX. O’aka will run back into Macalania Forest, and you will must make an effort to connect him.

When you come back to new forest, go back to where you have been to begin with fell out-of by taking the fresh crystal road back once again to the start of brand new forest. You will find O’aka, but he’s going to merely hightail it again. Pursue him then make northern road. O’aka would be concealing at the top of a tree, very disperse Yuna toward your and you’ll be able to put your lastly catch up. He will inquire about your own help to clear his financial obligation, very succeed him to come back with you on your airship. You will need to assist your obvious his financial obligation out-of a hundred,100 gil by buying situations of him. After you’ve done so, the new objective might possibly be done. It doesn’t matter if your let O’aka or bring your to the brand new Al Bhed, you will still end up being compensated towards the Ice Queen Apparel Grid.