Russian labels for girls of the letter You

Russian labels for girls of the letter You

Taira (new) – chronic Taisiya (old) – “God-lover” and you may “partner of kids” Tagliana – (Arabic.) – fortunate, happy, prolific. Honoring new ancient Israeli town of Talilea. With respect to the new Bulgarian Holy ila / Tomila Tatiana (old) – creator Tecusa (old) Teresa / Theresa (new) Tal / Tali / Talia – dew (sovr.-Hebrew) Tanya (out of Tatiana) Tractorina (new) – basic tractor

Russian brands for girls within the 2021 because of the letter V

Valentina (old) – solid Valeria (old) – fit Wanda (Glory) – welcoming Varvara (old) – savage Vasilina (New) – Royal Vasilisa (old) – regal Vassa (old) – queen Vaclav (slav.) – so much more wonderful Vevea (old) Velora / Veloria (New) – throughout the VELIKA October Wave Venus (old) – “love” Faith (old) – “faith” Veronica (old) – trust into the winnings Veselin (slav.) – cheerful Vesta (old) ‘s the patron saint of the property. Fireplace Vidana (Slavic) – common The new quiz (old) – champ Victoria (old) – “victory” Vilena (New) – out-of V. I.Lenin Viola / Violetta / Violante (The fall of.) – “violet” Virinea (old) – environmentally friendly, fresh Vitaliy / Vitalina (New) – lifestyle Viulena (New) – away from V.I. Ulyanov Leenin Vlada (Slav.) – holder Vladilen (Late.) – small handfrom “Vladimir Lenin” Vladimir (New) – the master of the country Vladislava (Slav.) – who owns fame Vladlena (new) – the same as Vladilen Vlasta (Slav.) – leader Tend to (new) – free Vseslava (slav) – every-where glorious

Russian brands for women on the letter X

Harita (old) – deity away from beauty Haritina (old) – beauty Khatouna – young lady Hanum/Hanuma – Mrs. Hionia (old) – nymph Christina (Old, Cf. The new Christina) – Christ Helena Helga (Scandinavian name)

Russian names for women towards the page C

Tsatsa (cargo) – caring Cecera (old) – deity of the moon Cecilya (old) Ciala – Shine Tsiuri – Beautiful Cira Tsvetana – regarding phrase “flower”

Russian names for girls because of the page J/Y

Yudif (dated, away from Judif) Jozefa (Polish) – God can truly escort reviews Pasadena add Jujana (dated, off Juliania) – curly Julitta (dated, of Iulitt) Julia (dated, from Julia) – wavy, fluffy Yumanita (new) – individual, individual Yunia (old, regarding Unia) Juno (old) – patron of relationships Ustina (old, of Yustin) Jutta

Yadviga (New) – an abundant warrior Jana (New) – of Ionn (Goodness out-of mercy) e Jan Jaromira (Glory) – “Bright Community” Yaroslava (Glory) – “consuming glory” otherwise just like the men name Yaroslav

Russian labels for girls toward page z

Fun (old) – enjoyable It’s an enthusiastic Arabic girls term appealing to of several peoples. For the translation, it indicates “brilliant, flowering, gorgeous.” There’s also a type to your end from the-at: zairat.

The new Persian woman’s identity, that’s on the list of commonly used brands in many individuals, function “gold.” There are many types out of this label, each one of which includes the root out-of “zar” – “gold”: zarema, zarai, zariyke, zargishi, zarif, etcetera.

This new Persian female’s label means “gold.” Discover versions: “Golden Beauty” – “Wonderful Beauty”, zarbaft – “fantastic brocade”, zarbana – “wonderful mistress” Sarina / zorina (new) – light, gold He’s a slave. Saure – 1) Morning star, Venus. 2) Practical, sparkling. Svenislava (Glory) – carrying magnificence Semphira (Arabic)) – unruly Zila She was born in the old months. Sinovia (old) – “The power of zevs” Gold Sozan (Kurd.) – Alpine Meadows zoya (old) – “life”

A small how the easiest to choose a reputation for your own de might be in addition to this lady middle identity and you can surname. Anyway, it could be important when she becomes an adult.

Russian brands for women towards the page D

Moors (old) – dark-skinned, dark-skinned Magda (new) – look for Magdalene Magdalene (old) – category of / hailing from Magdalena, Palestine Madeleine (New) – look for Magdalene Maya / Maya (New) – goddess out-of spring season Malvina (d.-herm.) – Out of mal – justice and you will wine – a buddy. Margarita (old) – “pearl” Mariana / na) Marietta / Marietta (New) Marika (New) Marina (old) – marine Maria / Mary (old) – sour Marie (New) – parece Mary and you will Magdalena Marlena (New) Martha (New) – Lord Martha (old) – advisor Matilda (d.-herm.) – of macht – electricity and you may hild – competition. Matrena / Matrona (old) – mistress, mommy of one’s household members, mommy Melania / Melania (old) – ebony, ebony Melitina (old) Milada (Slav.) – a good Milana / Milena / (Glory) – nice Milica (old, glo. ) – cute on deal with Milia (new) Miloslava (glory) – the glory of sweetheart Mira (Glory) – quiet Mirra (Slav.) – aromatic Miroslava (Glory) – champion Mitrodora (Grams.) is a present out of his mommy. Mlada (slavic) – younger Mstislava (Slav.) – conqueror Muse (old) – deity out of artwork / genius