The latest Priesthood regarding Mars titles eg beings as the “Best Conduits of your Omnissiah,” otherwise due to the fact Dominatus Dominus — Master out of Professionals

The latest Priesthood regarding Mars titles eg beings as the “Best Conduits of your Omnissiah,” otherwise due to the fact Dominatus Dominus — Master out of Professionals

Toward a Create Business, to cease dilemma during battle, the most older of the Technical-priests adopts the fresh new term from “Tech-priest Dominus” to lead the world’s armed forces work.

Titan teams and Space Marine Techmarines try noted past not while the of their real condition when you look at the hierarchy, however, for their cousin breakup from the rest of the Cult Mechanicus:

  • Dominatus Dominus
  • Tech-priest Dominus
  • Collegia Titanicus Princeps
  • Techmarine
  • Skitarii

Fabricator General

New Fabricator-Standard from Mars ‘s the large-ranking individual from inside the Cult Mechanicus (inside the capabilities once the Magos Mechanicus), and you may administers just the newest Adeptus Mechanicus and governs new globe off Mars alone due to the fact accepted Imperial Planetary Governor.

The fresh new Fabricator-General away from Mars is the de facto frontrunner of Cult Mechanicus, so when befits their condition, is actually approved a long-term seat on the council that operates the Imperium, known as the Senatorum Imperialis or even the Highest Lords out of Terra.

Rulers regarding personal Create Globes is actually called “Fabricator-Generals” as well, but just the Fabricator-Standard out-of ongst the new Large Lords out-of Terra, representing himself otherwise herself once the leader of your Mechanicus while the an entire.

Fabricator Locum

The fresh new Fabricator Locum is the next large-ranking personal in the world of Mars. The latest Fabricator Locum helps the fresh Fabricator General on the governance regarding Mars, for instance the conference off development quotas and you can guaranteeing the correct devotions on Servers Jesus are located constantly.

The best Fabricator Locum is Kane who sided to your Emperor regarding Humankind for the Horus Heresy and therefore managed in the minimum some extremely important Mechanicus help with the Loyalists.

The position away from Fabricator Locum, by doing this away from Fabricator Standard, as well as refers generally into 2nd-highest-ranking Mechanicus specialized to your people Create Industry.


“There is however, that protocol to check out when faced with people who blaspheme from the Servers Jesus. Start new Canticles and posting forward the Legions. The fresh doom and therefore i submit must be absolute. All need certainly to slide through to the Omnissiah’s might.”

A Magos is a king regarding a scientific or medical abuse, having loyal many Terran numerous years of service toward Omnissiah when you look at the one area of studies. There are various specialist divisions inside the Adeptus Mechanicus called Divisiones.

Magi because of these are provided a rank that contains this new specialisation of their Divisio, for example Magos Alchemys, Magos Biologis, Magos Technicus, Magos Logis, Magos Xenologis, Magos Lexmechanicus, Magos Orbologis, Magos Cybernetica, Magos Xenobiologis, Magos Astrologicus, Magos Digitalis, Magos Fabricator, Magos Genetus, Magos Physic, and perhaps many more.

There are 2 highest ranking in Divisiones that will be differences of one’s Magos, in addition to Archmagos and you can Archmagos Veneratus. This isn’t identified exactly what the specific connotations of these headings is actually, even if allegedly he is a sign of higher seniority and you can sense.

  • Magos Dominus: A great Magos Dominus (fem: Magos Domina), understood together with due to the fact a development-priest Dominus, is an elder Tech-priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus just who commands brand new Mechanicus’ armed forces forces and you will attempt to advance armed forces tech. The Magi of the Priesthood of Mars may be the gurus off a lot of exactly what stays of your vast and you may powerful armed forces secrets of the Black Period of Technology, particularly the ancient technology off treat spiders, the fight-Automata. In it new quest and conservation of the arcane mysteries out of science and you will routine was off much larger really worth than simply petty riches, worldly energy or perhaps the life of its fellow men. A tech-priest Dominus can get live for the majority practical ages if you don’t millennia, prolonging the existence as a consequence of arcane technology and you will modern cybernetic transformation, willingly is things apart from people as they seek to complete the fresh Omnissiah’s will. The offices and you may titles of your own Technology-priests are moving on and complex. Particularly is the authority that numerous senior Technology-priests to improve their ranks during the often, in times out-of war adopting compared to Technical-priest Dominus.