Toula Portokalos: Ma, Father is really persistent

Toula Portokalos: Ma, Father is really persistent

Maria Portokalos: Without a doubt things, Toula. The person is the direct, however the woman is the neck. And you can she can turn the head in whatever way she wants.

Toula Portokalos: I got to go to Greek school, where I learned beneficial sessions such as for example, “If Nick provides one goat and you will Maria has actually 9, just how soon tend to it wed?”

Gus Portokalos: You realize, the underlying of the term Miller is actually a Greek word. Miller come from the brand new Greek term “milo,” that’s suggest “fruit,” so there you decide to go. As much of you discover, our identity, Portokalos, is come from the latest Greek word “portokali,” and this imply “tangerine.” So, okay? Right here this evening, you will find, ah, fruit and you may lime. We-all different, however in the conclusion, we-all good fresh fruit.

Aunt Voula: [ in order to Ian’s parents ] Today, you are nearest and dearest. Okay. The living, I’d a swelling in the back of my personal neck, here. Usually, a lump. Then i started menopausal together with lump had big from the “hormonees.” They come to build. And so i look at the doc, in which he did new bio. the brand new b. the newest. this new bios. the. b. new “bobopsy.” Into the swelling the guy discover teeth and a spinal cord. Yes. Within the lump is actually my personal twin.

Toula Portokalos: There are about three issues that all of the Greek lady need to do when you look at the life: wed Greek men, build Greek babies, and you can provide folk.

Maria Portokalos: Toula, to my matrimony night, my mommy, she believed to myself, “Greek women, i bs regarding the kitchen area, however, we have been tigers regarding rooms.”

Nikki: Ma!

Nick Portokalos: We have never seen my cousin which happy, Ian. For people who hurt the lady, I shall destroy both you and create look like a major accident.

Toula Portokalos: Thus, what goes on try dad and you will uncles, they strive over which reaches eat the new mutton head. And then my brother Voula forks the fresh new eyeball and chases me personally to on it, strive for us to consume it, ’cause it is likely to make me personally smart. Only twenty seven earliest cousins by yourself! And you can my personal whole family members is huge and noisy. And everybody is within for each and every other people’s lives and you will providers. Non-stop! Instance, you never only have a minute alone, merely to envision, ‘Cause our company is always together with her, just dinner, dinner, eating! The actual only real other people we understand is Greeks, ’cause Greeks get married Greeks so you’re able to reproduce a lot more Greeks, getting loud reproduction Greek eaters.

Nick Portokalos: Don’t let your previous influence who you are, however, let it be part of the person you will become.

Gus Portokalos: Kimono, kimono, kimono. Ha! Definitely! Kimono was come from new Greek phrase himona, was mean cold weather. So, exactly what do your don regarding the winter to stay enjoying? A gown. The truth is: gown, kimono. Indeed there you go!

Nick Portokalos: Pay attention, you are aware. I must say i consider you ought to say: eho tria orchidea. This means: group, why don’t we are located in our home. I do believe everyone else will definitely adore it.

Toula Portokalos: Are you currently joking? Any next now he could be planning to view myself and you can go, “Ha. Yeah, right, you might be therefore not well worth it.”

Gus Portokalos: No. However, anyone would say so you’re able to her: need so it handbag as a result of the brand new coach depot, and you can she will exercise!

Maria Portokalos: [ resentful ] Exactly what? What you mean? I manage the brand new cafe, We make, We clean, We clean to you *and* We improve about three infants *and* I instruct Sunday school, you understand? It’s happy for me I’ve one to wrap my sneakers!

Yianni: Ian, if you find yourself likely to be contained in this family unit members, I get you particular earplugs since Portokalos ladies, if they are perhaps not nagging some one. It Pass away!

Ian Miller: I am aware this great place. Zorba things. anyhow, I’d choose take you around if you would like go.

Toula Portokalos: [ Viewing their cousins walk into this new bistro arguing ] My personal cousins enjoys one or two volumes; Noisy and you can Higher!

Toula Portokalos: Once i are increasing right up, I know I was more. Additional lady were blond and you can sensitive and painful, and i also are an excellent swarthy half a dozen-year-dated that have sideburns.

Toula Portokalos: [ narrating ] My dad felt in 2 something: You to definitely Greeks will be inform low Greeks on being Greek each problem off psoriasis to help you poison ivy are healed that have Windex.

Toula Portokalos: Oh I’m not sure. Easily got lasted a classic ladies butt-kicking I would personally should boast regarding it.

Gus Portokalos: Bring me a word, one keyword, and that i assist you that the cause of one to phrase is actually Greek.

Toula Portokalos: Sweet Greek ladies that simply don’t get a hold of a partner, operate in the household restaurant. Very right here I am, day after day, every year, 30 and you may method early in the day my personal termination date.

I’d to drop Dimos of working. And then, We gotta wade discover the brand new travelling company, just like the, you know, particular jag-from and his awesome large-butt wife are too busy.

Angelo: Ma! Give the lady I opened the latest deceased cleansers every single day, and that i thought it is time she did something for a beneficial change.

Nikki: Excuse me? What are who has got during the dead vacuum cleaner a week ago? My hubby is at the latest dry vacuum!

Toula Portokalos: [ on the the girl sibling ] My cousin Nick possess two operate: to cook, and to get married a great Greek Virgin.

Gus Portokalos: Oh, Mrs. White! You notice my mommy *again*! You are sure that, she are from Greece. The country I come out of too.

Mrs. White: [ disrupting ] To have God’s benefit, I know! Tune in, keep your mother off my personal turf, out-of my personal cellar

Toula Portokalos: [ narration ] My loved ones is huge and you may noisy but they truly are my children. I battle therefore we lb into a spit in the front yard. And you will wheresoever I go, whichever I really do might often be indeed there.

Toula Portokalos: [ Seeing the woman aunt are in new restuarant together infants ] My sis elizabeth a great Greek Infant Breeding Host!

Toula Portokalos: [ narrating ] We advised my grandma the war was more than, however, she nonetheless slept having a knife not as much as their cushion.

Therefore, you’ve got several cousins, I’ve twenty-seven basic cousins

Aunt Voula: Toula. Toula! You may be interested. You may be engaged-I never ever consider this should takes place to you personally. Never ever. *Never ever.* Taki, didn’t we declare that.

Toula Portokalos: Sweet Greek female should would three one thing in life: wed Greek men, create Greek children, and you can offer folk. before the time we die.

Mike: [ Leaving Moving Zorba’s ] Get real, let’s go, I’m giving a pop music test and i cannot waiting to hear the brand new groans!