Whenever would it be permissible to possess a lady to know this lady deal with?

Whenever would it be permissible to possess a lady to know this lady deal with?


The most right view, that’s supported by proof, is the fact it is necessary to afford face, for this reason ladies are forbidden to see their face at the front end away from non-mahram guys to avoid any mischief, plus they can exercise when there is concern about fitnah (temptation).

About this basis, this new fuqaha’ stated that in certain situations, women are allowed to find out its face in front of low-mahram men if it’s had a need to take action, and is allowed for these men to adopt her or him, provided that this don’t go beyond the latest bounds out of just what will become necessary, since the what is actually let on the basis of prerequisite ought not to feel exaggerated.

It is permitted for a woman to find the lady deal with and you will hands in front of a guy who wants to plan to their, so he may see them, without getting alone along with her and you will instead of pressing her, while the face offers a sign of ugliness or beauty, and the hands bring a sign of if the body’s thin otherwise plump (which in turn offers an impression regarding the virility).

Abu’l-Faraj al-Maqdisi said: “The scholars do not disagree from what permissibility away from looking at deal with… the focal point off beauty, the spot you to looks at…”

Of a lot ahaadeeth imply that it’s permissible for a guy so you’re able to go through the lady so you can exactly who he or she is suggesting ong them could be the after the:


Sahl ibn Sa’d (age on Live messenger away from Allaah (tranquility and you may blessings of Allaah feel upon him) and you will told you, ‘O Live messenger away from Allaah, I involved bring myself to you personally in-marriage.’ So that the Messenger from Allaah (tranquility and blessings away from Allaah become abreast of your) looked at her, he increased his look and you may stared during the this lady, then reduced their lead. In the event the woman noticed he had not generated people ong their Friends stood up and told you, ‘O Messenger from Allaah, otherwise must get married their, next marry their to me.’ …”

Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with your) said: “I became towards Prophet , and you will a person involved him and you will advised him that he got married a female of one’s Ansaar. The Live messenger out-of Allaah (comfort and you can blessings out of Allaah end up being up on your) said, ‘Maybe you’ve checked their?’ He said, ‘Zero.’ He told you, ‘Wade and check out the woman, for there’s something in the sight of your own Ansaar.’”

Jaabir (get Allaah be pleased with your) stated that this new Messenger from Allaah (comfort and you will blessings regarding Allaah end up being abreast of your) said: “When some of you reveals wedding in order to a lady, if the he can take a look at that which tend to encourage your to help you please get married her, let your get it done.”

(Stated by Abu Dawood and you can al-Haakim. The isnaad is actually hasan, and there is corroborating research from the hadeeth regarding Muhammad ibn Muslimah. It actually was classified as saheeh because of the Ibn Hibbaan and al-Haakim. It had been and said of the Ahmad and you may Ibn Maajah, and by Ahmad and you may al-Bazzaar from the hadeeth from Abu https://kissbrides.com/hot-bulgarian-women/ Humayd. Fath al-Baari, 9/181).

Al-Zayla’i said: “It is not permissible getting your to the touch their deal with otherwise hands – even in the event the guy seems one no attention might possibly be sexy by performing this – since it is haraam and there’s no reason to create therefore.” Within the Durar al-Bihaar it states: “This isn’t permissible on the qaadi, the newest witnesses and/or bridegroom to touch the woman, regardless if they think you to definitely no desire would be horny because of the doing so, because there is it’s not necessary regarding.”